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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q.When should I use RingMeMaybe?

    Every time you hesitate to share your phone number!

    The best situations examples are when you want to publish an ad on Craigslist or when you start getting in a conversation for dating but there is no limit. You can generate a new burner and temporary phone number for every occasion!

  • Q.I downloaded the app, what do I do now?

    Get your first burner number by pushing the big R button! People can call you on the new number immediately after you have tagged it with a contact e.g. "guitar for sale on Craigslist".

  • Q.I cannot generate numbers anymore, why?

    You might not have enough credits left to generate new numbers. Tap the credits button and either buy credits or earn them for free by completing the missions of our offer wall e.g. watch a video.

  • Q.The app does not seem to work

    The app might be disconnected. RingMeMaybe needs to be connected to a good wireless Internet connection, either Wifi, 3g, 4g, LTE. It also needs to be setup to accept push notifications from your device, necessary to receive the calls and texts. If a red network icon appears at the top, that means that the RingMeMaybe is not connected. You can try to kill the app, with a double tap on the home button and a swipe up. Then restart the smartphone app.

  • Q.Do you support international calling?

    RingMeMaybe can be used in any country and can receive call and text from any number worldwide. But RingMeMaybe only allows you to dial or send texts to US numbers at this time.

  • Q.I have completed a mission to earn free credits but the new credits don't appear

    Tap on the Credits icon-> Earn free credits -> Support, and you will see the status of your missions. You might need to finish the mission before to receive the credits. You can report a mission if you believe it is dysfunctional and the credits will be automatically credited to your account.


Press Releases

PR release RingMeMaybe v2 - burner phone app
05-12-2015 :: RingMeMaybe v2 Launch
PR release RingMeMaybe v1 - burner phone app
11-17-2013 :: RingMeMaybe v1 Launch


RingMeMaybe is the first iPhone app developed by yourVirtualSIM Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California. RingMeMaybe is designed to solve the privacy issues in person-to-person and person-to-crowd mobile engagement. We strongly believe that sharing your phone number is the best way to start a conversation. We hope you will like our app and find it useful. Looking forward to your feedbacks!

RingMeMaybe HQ in San Francisco


alex - co-founder


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Ferreol - co-founder


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Get your Disposable and Temporary Phone Number today!

Generate real US phone numbers

New temporary phone numbers are only one tap away! By default, they expire after 7 days, but you can postpone the expiration date with the 'add time' button. All numbers within the app are burner numbers, and therefore operate like an actual burner phone but with more convenience.

Manage multiple phone lines

Manage multiple phone numbers for Dating, Craigslist, or Business! The tags make it easy to know which number is calling. All burner numbers are private and ensure 100% privacy, making it the perfect app to use for business, marketplaces or dating.

Free Calling

You can easily call privately with the dialer or directly from your contact list. Incoming calls will ring within the app, even when it’s not open. You also have a visual voicemail if you cannot pick up the phone.

Free SMS Texting

Send SMS text messages for free using our iPhone app! You can easily keep track of all your conversations for each of your disposable prepaid numbers to ensure private messaging. The text messages come from real US phone numbers and can be send to any number around the world.

Delete number

RingMeMaybe provides temporary numbers, which are therefore disposable and can be deleted at any time. Let's say that you’ve published an ad on Craigslist and sold your bike. You can trash the number and get immediate peace of mind. It’s just like having a separate burner phone except that you’re using your own device.

Works over data

The iOS App works entirely over IP and does not consume any call minutes or text plan from your carrier. It requires a wireless Internet connection: Wifi, LTE, 4G, or 3G and can be used anywhere in the world.

"Just magic up a new number"