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Local U.S Phone Numbers

New temporary phone numbers are only one tap away! By default, they expire after 7 days, but you can postpone the expiration date with the 'add time' button. All numbers within the app are burner numbers, and therefore operate like an actual burner phone but with more convenience.

SMS Texting

Send SMS text messages for free using our iPhone app! You can easily keep track of all your conversations for each of your disposable prepaid phone numbers to ensure private messaging. The text messages come from real US phone numbers.

Cell & Landline Calling

You can easily call privately with the dialer or directly from your contact list. Incoming calls will ring within the app, even when it’s not open. You also have a visual voicemail if you cannot pick up the phone.

Manage Multiple lines

Manage multiple phone numbers for Dating, Craigslist, or Business! The tags make it easy to know which phone number is calling. All burner phone numbers are private and ensure 100% privacy, making it the perfect app to use for business, marketplaces or dating.

Private Burner Phone

Temporary phone numbers can be used as virtual burner phones. Create a new number and delete it with a single tap. No string attached. RingMeMaybe also unmasks the caller IDs. You can block callers if necessary or even pause a given RingMeMaybe number to make it silent.

Works over wifi/data

The iOS App works entirely over IP and does not consume any call minutes or text plan from your carrier. It requires a wireless Internet connection: Wifi, LTE, 4G, or 3G and can be used anywhere in the world. So make sure your connection is solid before starting a call!

Pick your favorite area code

from any major U.S cities

NY icon

(212) New York

The 212 "vanity" area code from Manhattan ran out in 1997 and was overlapped by 718. RingMeMaybe offers a few of them for cheap!.

SF icon

(415) San Francisco

The originial SF Area code, recently overlaid by 628 is still available with RingMeMaybe, be quick to grab one before it runs out!

Miami icon

(305) Miami

The demand for this Miami Area code has rocketed since it was overlaid by 786 in 1998. Don't miss the opportinty to get one now!

Activate your Unlimited Plan

Talk and Text with no limit

A second phone number for your business with an Unlimited Talk and Text plan* starting at $9.99/month

*U.S and Canadian numbers supported

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