5 reasons why changing phone number or getting a second phone line

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5 reasons why you might want to change your phone number or get a 2nd mobile phone line, using RingMeMaybe.



Moving to a new city

Getting a local area code is a true way to start fresh and belong to a new community. There is nothing worse than being asked every time if you are visiting when you actually live here.


Getting rid of stalkers is one of the main reason why you might even hesitate to share your phone number in the first place. Getting a disposable phone number for each date is the way to go.

Internet privacy

If your number is published online and publicly indexed by Google with your identity, anyone will be able to call or text you. So careful to never share your main phone number while filling a form online, you never know with who your data will be shared, unless you carefully read the privacy policy, but who does?

Start a business

Separating your personal and professional lives is a great reason to get a second phone line. No need to change your existing mobile phone number, and no need to buy a new phone. You can do all this with the app store now days.

Living/traveling abroad

Using your main number while traveling abroad usually costs a fortune in roaming fees. One way to get around that is to get a virtual phone number which works over wifi. That way you will pay all your communications at the local rates, and enjoy your stay with no extra spending.

A phone number, free texts and calls with an ipod or ipad

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Free texts can be sent from an iPod or iPad with a texting app: RingMeMaybe.

No need for a SIM card or a a carrier plan, your iPods and iPads, can have access to all US phone numbers, send free SMS texts, make free calls with a real phone number all over wifi.


Let’s take a real life situation: your thirteen years old kid is constantly using your iPhone to call and text his friends as you have a Verizon number and an unlimited calling and texting plan. You have to make a difficult choice: should you purchase a costly smartphone and a SIM card with a prepaid plan or unlimited plan for him to leave your iPhone alone?


You can simply use its old iPod and make him install RingMeMaybe: the free texts and calls! A random phone number will be assigned by the app to the device and it will be instantaneously be reachable by any other phone in the world!

What about the cost? It is not a problem, there are 2 options:

1-the cheap prepaid credits, so that you can control the spendings and reload with a simple iTunes in app purchase directly from the iPod or iPad1

2-the free credits that he can earns by playing games or watching videos proposed inside the app

It is hassle free, almost entirely free of charges, and lets you use your wifi-only iPod or iPad as a fully featured Phone!

Airbnb and Homeway Hosts need Phone Number anonymization

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Airbnb and Homeway hosts will be in contact with hundreds or thousand of potential guests over the course the year. The two platforms do a pretty good job with the messaging system to keep the emails of both parties private during the whole process, but the real phone numbers of hosts and guests are unfortunately publicly shared at some point.

This privacy management flaw is a major concern for many hosts and guests but a few simple steps can be taken to get around this issue.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.59.21 PMIt is obvious that hosts are in the need of some phone number anonymization tool…

Hopefully, they can replace the phone number registered in their profile by a virtual phone number, which they can change if it is spam or compromised for any reason.

The RingMeMaybe phone number app enables the Airbnb and Homeaway hosts to generate a virtual phone number with a single tap, and this number can be changed in a few seconds.

RingMeMaybe supports some unique privacy features such as the unmasking of the caller ID, the display of context of the call, and of course the caller id blocking.

So Airbnb and Homeway hosts don’t have to worry anymore about who they are sharing their phone number with.



7 reasons why you should get a burner phone number app

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7 reasons why you should get a burner phone number app

Your phone keeps ringing even after your craigslist ad is expired?

This weird guy from tinder keeps calling you after you figured out he’s definitely not you type?

We know exactly what you need and hardly worked on developing the perfect app to solve your issues.

With RingMeMaybe you create a new phone number for every occasion:

1. No hesitation before sharing your phone number anymore 

2. No hassle with annoying calls, hidden callers IDs are displayed, you can block callers and delete a number anytime

3.  FREE unlimited calls and texts with our sponsored credits

4. It takes only 5 seconds to create a RingMeMaybe number which is instantly ready to use. You need a number right now, you shouldn’t wait for it!

5. Easy as pie, with the contact list and the message history, you don’t even need to type a number.

6. Only you choose when the ‘project’ is done and how long you want to be reachable.

7. Have a US phone number no matter where you are and give your start up a local US presence as long. RingMeMaybe supports wifi calling and wifi texting and there are no roaming fees!

Use phone numbers apps such as RingMeMaybe, Burner, Hushed to create accounts with caution

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Disposable phone numbers apps such as RingMeMaybe, Burner, Hushed, are great for online data protection, but don’t use them to create apps accounts.

Temporary phone numbers app such as RingMeMaybe, Burner, Hushed, are getting more and more popular, reaching the top of the App Store ranking. They are often used for protecting personal phone numbers when it comes to publishing online ads or interacting on online marketplaces such as Craigslist or eBay. RingMeMaybe allows users from anywhere in the world to generate and use US phone numbers over data and the temptation is great for some to use those numbers to register to mobile apps. We would like to discourage this type of use as the security of the mobile accounts created with these temporary numbers is put at risk. It is important to understand that the disposable phone numbers are not completely out of service after they are deleted from RingMeMaybe and other similar apps. Instead, they are put in a pool of numbers which will ultimately be recycled after a “wait period”. Once affected to a new user, a phone number can be used maliciously to recover the mobile accounts credentials of the previous user owner of the number and take control over them. 

The reason why services such as Whatsapp, Uber, Snapchat and others ask their users to identify via their phone number is that the SIM card is a sticky (it stays in your pocket all the time), personal, and unique physical device. Sending an SMS with a code in a 2fa  (2 factor authentication) process is a very practical and effective solution to guarantee that the user claiming to be the owner of a mobile account is the actual one. 

Obviously that layer of security is broken if the user has registered with a disposable phone number. Although the number can be verified in the first place to go through the registration process, it is important to understand that the 2fa process can be triggered later, to claim the ownership of the account. The account becomes vulnerable to potential hackers as soon as its owner loose control over the phone number used to register.

Although the risk is identified, it is unlikely to be used by hackers for targeted attacks. Since the users of the disposable phone number apps cannot choose the number which is given to them, hackers theoretically cannot try to find a temporary number which was used by a specific person. 

It is a match! Dating safely on Tinder with the RingMeMaybe temporary phone numbers

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Do you relate to that story?

It’s a match on Tinder, yay! So…you broke the ice with a couple of lines, nailed it, the energy is building up, and yes you want to meet in person…


What do you know about this tinder rate, really? the location, size, 5 pictures, not much…

And the next thing you want will do is to share your phone number… Are you sure that you want to do that?

tinder - its a match       RingMeMaybe plus tinder    ringmemaybe - dating privacy - solved

You start hearing this little voice: SMS are kind of privates, you don’t want anybody to be able to get access to your number. You only have one…

Well, that’s where RingMeMaybe comes in. If you download the app, you can generate burner phones in seconds, and give a separate number to each of your date. You can call and text for free and delete the number when it is time to swipe left.

Plus, you always know in advance who is calling or texting you since will you assign a tag to every RingMeMaybe number. You have no surprise of having an unknown number buzzing you. Last thing, you can block a caller id if you want to keep the number but block the date.

No more hesitation on swiping right! RingMeMaybe gives you the freedom to swipe left, anytime!