It is a match! Dating safely on Tinder with the RingMeMaybe temporary phone numbers

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Do you relate to that story?

It’s a match on Tinder, yay! So…you broke the ice with a couple of lines, nailed it, the energy is building up, and yes you want to meet in person…


What do you know about this tinder rate, really? the location, size, 5 pictures, not much…

And the next thing you want will do is to share your phone number… Are you sure that you want to do that?

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You start hearing this little voice: SMS are kind of privates, you don’t want anybody to be able to get access to your number. You only have one…

Well, that’s where RingMeMaybe comes in. If you download the app, you can generate burner phones in seconds, and give a separate number to each of your date. You can call and text for free and delete the number when it is time to swipe left.

Plus, you always know in advance who is calling or texting you since will you assign a tag to every RingMeMaybe number. You have no surprise of having an unknown number buzzing you. Last thing, you can block a caller id if you want to keep the number but block the date.

No more hesitation on swiping right! RingMeMaybe gives you the freedom to swipe left, anytime!