Airbnb and Homeway Hosts need Phone Number anonymization

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Airbnb and Homeway hosts will be in contact with hundreds or thousand of potential guests over the course the year. The two platforms do a pretty good job with the messaging system to keep the emails of both parties private during the whole process, but the real phone numbers of hosts and guests are unfortunately publicly shared at some point.

This privacy management flaw is a major concern for many hosts and guests but a few simple steps can be taken to get around this issue.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.59.21 PMIt is obvious that hosts are in the need of some phone number anonymization tool…

Hopefully, they can replace the phone number registered in their profile by a virtual phone number, which they can change if it is spam or compromised for any reason.

The RingMeMaybe phone number app enables the Airbnb and Homeaway hosts to generate a virtual phone number with a single tap, and this number can be changed in a few seconds.

RingMeMaybe supports some unique privacy features such as the unmasking of the caller ID, the display of context of the call, and of course the caller id blocking.

So Airbnb and Homeway hosts don’t have to worry anymore about who they are sharing their phone number with.