5 reasons why changing phone number or getting a second phone line

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5 reasons why you might want to change your phone number or get a 2nd mobile phone line, using RingMeMaybe.



Moving to a new city

Getting a local area code is a true way to start fresh and belong to a new community. There is nothing worse than being asked every time if you are visiting when you actually live here.


Getting rid of stalkers is one of the main reason why you might even hesitate to share your phone number in the first place. Getting a disposable phone number for each date is the way to go.

Internet privacy

If your number is published online and publicly indexed by Google with your identity, anyone will be able to call or text you. So careful to never share your main phone number while filling a form online, you never know with who your data will be shared, unless you carefully read the privacy policy, but who does?

Start a business

Separating your personal and professional lives is a great reason to get a second phone line. No need to change your existing mobile phone number, and no need to buy a new phone. You can do all this with the app store now days.

Living/traveling abroad

Using your main number while traveling abroad usually costs a fortune in roaming fees. One way to get around that is to get a virtual phone number which works over wifi. That way you will pay all your communications at the local rates, and enjoy your stay with no extra spending.