7 reasons why you should get a burner phone number app

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7 reasons why you should get a burner phone number app

Your phone keeps ringing even after your craigslist ad is expired?

This weird guy from tinder keeps calling you after you figured out he’s definitely not you type?

We know exactly what you need and hardly worked on developing the perfect app to solve your issues.

With RingMeMaybe you create a new phone number for every occasion:

1. No hesitation before sharing your phone number anymore 

2. No hassle with annoying calls, hidden callers IDs are displayed, you can block callers and delete a number anytime

3.  FREE unlimited calls and texts with our sponsored credits

4. It takes only 5 seconds to create a RingMeMaybe number which is instantly ready to use. You need a number right now, you shouldn’t wait for it!

5. Easy as pie, with the contact list and the message history, you don’t even need to type a number.

6. Only you choose when the ‘project’ is done and how long you want to be reachable.

7. Have a US phone number no matter where you are and give your start up a local US presence as long. RingMeMaybe supports wifi calling and wifi texting and there are no roaming fees!